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Introduction to the International Press Gallery

SDYC 2019 is excited to announce the opening of the International Press Gallery (IPG) - a replacement for the previous internal journalist system that provided commentary on committee events. The IPG at SDYC will be unlike any other Press committee you've seen in the local circuit - adding rigorous and fun mechanics adapted from international conferences on top of the existing dynamic nature of the committee. As the only roaming committee at SDYC 2019, IPG delegates will be given the opportunity to travel across every committee. Delegates will get to observe proceedings and interview individual delegates to produce exciting pieces for their agency across various media forms. With the gamut of biases and writing styles represented across our diverse range of press agencies, delegates will have to apply the content skills and understanding of nuance that they’ve learnt in MUN. Journalists in our world don’t exist in isolation - they often have profound impacts on policy
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CNA: Opinion: Who is to blame for the Nigerian Crisis?

Is it President Trump’s impulsivity that resulted in the Nigerian Missile Attack? Or the ineptitude of the US Senate? (source: ) On the 24th of August, in response to Boko Haram’s bombing of the US Embassy in Lagos, President Trump launched an independent 10-missile attack on the Lake Chad basin in Nigeria in a futile attempt to quash Boko Haram forces stationed there, killing thousands in the process. Overnight, in a fit of madness, President Trump launched another 50 missiles, this time completely decimating the Lake Chad region and the 20 villages surrounding it. These actions have resulted in severe backlash from the international community - states such as France, the United Kingdom and China have issued public statements condemning the inhumane acts, while other countries have expressed fear over the precedent that this incident has set for future attacks. International ties have been severely depleted as a result.

Islamic Republic News Agency: The IPG: Unseen Heroes of SDYC 2019

During the past 3 days of Sustainable Development Youth Convention (SDYC), delegates across eight different councils and committees participated in rigorous debate and intense lobbying. Snaking was also extremely common with backstabbers, coup d'etats and betrayal running rampant across all the different councils. However, through all of this chaos and discord, there was one council who remained at the calm eye of the storm, watching the chaos and strife unfold from their safe perch above it all. That council remained prosperous, weathering all the difficulties and turmoil that raged around them, diligently churning out article after article as the hours ticked by, all while remaining unseen and unnoticed; a quiet unseen guardian watching over those caught up in the storm. That council was the International Press Gallery (IPG) and led by their two capable and experienced chairs, Emily and Dayrius, they were able to remain unseen, quietly influencing the other councils through t

Korean Central News Agency: DPRK calls for all war-mongering western troops to pull out of the conflict zones

As discussions continue in UNFPA on how best to tackle the problem of famine in conflict zone. Proud party loving DPRK delegate proposes that conflict zones will be avoided all together if western troops pull out of developing nations. Such love portrayed for working class peasants of the world is commended by nations in UNFPA as members of the council are deeply moved by DPRK’s suggestions. With nations in Africa long colonized by US and the western states in “peacekeeping missions”, it is about time that the world realizes the hideous crimes of the imperialistic western nations and stand up for themselves. Through avoiding conflict, famine can be avoided. Famine and conflict are linked to one another, tied together forever like an unbreakable knot. Case in point: during the bloody anti-Japanese war, the people suffered tremendously. Peasants were not only slaughtered heartlessly, but many also could not obtain food and suffered from malnutrition. After the momentous cause that is

Xinhua: Solutions proposed by delegates to address dilution of culture by voluntourism

Following the conclusion of the discussion in the morning about solutions to the dilution of culture brought about by ecotourism, delegates then moved on to brainstorming frameworks for providing funding towards developing countries to be sued in the tourism industry. There were many different suggestions on the floor. Ivory Coast proposed implementing taxes on NGOs which would provide funding to less developed countries and that suggested that the cost of voluntourism packages by companies should be raised and the extra money used to fund training sessions. In response, Israel mentioned that a price ceiling should be put on the amount that voluntourists could spend on such trips, believing that if the industry got too pricey, tourists would be driven away. There were also splits between the ideas of one-time or continuous funding, and the nature of the parties that would be giving funding. Most countries argued against the idea of continuous funding, believing that it would put s

Xinhua: UNSC divided on various matters regarding Boko Haram crisis

Nigerian government called corrupt by United Kingdom UNITED NATIONS, Aug 24 (Xinhua) — Having settled their first issue earlier today, the United Nations Security Council moved on to their second agenda, the issue of the Niger Delta. Following the discontinuation of the Presidential Amnesty Program, which required armed militants to disarm in exchange for financial payouts and training, there has been an increase in violence against oil infrastructure by rebel groups around the Niger Delta. While the Nigerian government has stepped up efforts to “search and destroy” the groups, they have been ineffective due to the geography of the delta. The movement of troops has also spread concerns that Boko Haram might spread infuse ce in the Northeast as there are lesser troops providing a front against them. The attacks have caused many negative impacts on the Nigerian economy, as petroleum exports have declined sharply and oil companies are ending their contracts and leaving Nigeria. As Nigeria

Bild: Will the UNSC be able to help the Sudanese?

Imagine living in a place without access to necessities like food, healthcare, education and most important of all, a place that you could call ‘home’. This is the plight of the people living in Sudan. It has been only eight years since South Sudan gained independence, but the past 6 years has been one of the worst periods in the country. The ongoing civil war since 2013 has been the cause of numerous problems for civilians. In 2017, famine was declared in two counties in South Sudan, and famine has remained a persistent threat since. However, the time has come to put a stop to this atrocity, this treachery, this injustice. The time has come to restore justice so that the Sudanese can feel safe and at home once again. This afternoon, the delegates of the UNSC set out to discuss upon possible solutions to the issue. After a fair amount of debate, delegates arrived at the consensus to change the agenda to get some “fresh air from fresh topics”. However, after the briefing for the ne

Korean Central News Agency: DPRK’s food aid for Ethiopian and Venezuelan refugees denied by the war-mongering US

As UNFPA (UN Population Fund) descends into chaos over the mass exodus of Venezuelan and Ethiopian citizens into their neighboring nations, the people-loving Democratic People’s Republic of Korea acted immediately on its policy of serving all people. Upon hearing the plight of the working-class Venezuelans and Ethiopians, the Workers’ Party of Korea acted immediately to pledge food support for the displaced immigrants. Unfortunately, such an altruistic act is denied by the corrupt and imperialistic United States of America (US) and its allies. They blatantly refused to lift economic sanctions on the DPRK, preventing us from sharing our plentiful food supplies with our friends in Africa and South America. Imposing their baseless views, USA and western colonials try to prevent aid from reaching regions that most need it. This is not just non-humanistic, but also violates a basic human right that is the right to live. This reality doubtlessly attests to the hypocrisy of the common bel

Breitbart: United States saves the UNFPA

Crisis in UNFPA resolved by the US Once again, the United States of America saves the day. In the UNFPA, the plenary was swiftly resolved by the US, through cooperation with the World Health Organisation and Non-Governmental Organisations to dispatch healthcare providers and services to the people and countries affected, setting up of refugee camps in neighbouring countries, emergency contraceptions to protect women and children’s sexual health. Not only that, the directive also mentioned that the FPA will appeal to the Security Council for the deployment of Peacekeepers to manage the conflict and reduce tensions, and also to set up a stronger patrol to prevent human trafficking. Moving on to the council topic, the US is also leading and influencing the council, proposing innovative solutions in resolving the issue of healthcare in conflict zones, the issue of women’s rights and human trafficking and famine. During the press conference, the delegate of Russia was caught off guard wh

Korean Central News Agency: DPRK’s food aid for Ethiopian and Venezuelan refugees denied by the war-mongering US

As UNFPA (UN Population Fund) descends into chaos over the mass exodus of Venezuelan and Ethiopian citizens into their neighboring nations, the people-loving Democratic People’s Republic of Korea acted immediately on its policy of serving all people. Upon hearing the plight of the working-class Venezuelans and Ethiopians, the Workers’ Party of Korea acted immediately to pledge food support for the displaced immigrants. Unfortunately, such an altruistic act is denied by the corrupt and imperialistic United States of America (US) and its allies. They blatantly refused to lift economic sanctions on the DPRK, preventing us from sharing our plentiful food supplies with our friends in Africa and South America. Imposing their baseless views, USA and western colonials try to prevent aid from reaching regions that most need it. This is not just non-humanistic, but also violates a basic human right that is the right to live. This reality doubtlessly attests to the hypocrisy of the common beli

Catholic News Agency: BREAKING: American embassy in Lagos by Boko Haram, US Senate to debate

LAGOS - The American embassy in Lagos, Nigeria has been bombed on 24th August 2019, by two members of Boko Haram. The attack leaves 10 dead and hundreds others injured. It is understood that the insurgents had walked into the embassy loaded with explosives before detonating them. This event is the latest and most brutal in the string of attacks launched by Boko Haram since their resurgence in the Kaouda, Blangoua and Makari regions of Nigeria. Other attacks include chemical attacks on citizens and the poisoning of Lake Chad, rendering it undrinkable for those living in the area. Discussions are ongoing in the US Senate on whether to send in troops to tackle the situation and quash the insurgents are ongoing. National Security Advisor John Bolton addressed the senate, claiming that the attack “ requires action for american citizens KILLED on American soil” The majority of the senate seems to be in favour as well about sending military support to back up troops in Nigeria to fi

Russian News Agency: “PAP-fights fire with fire” say delegates in the UNSC

The delegates of UNSC debate upon the implications of the revival of the PAP The Presidential Amnesty Program(PAP) was introduced by the Nigerian government in 2009 due to the violence in the Niger Delta regions. Nigerian economy is heavily dependent on oil(while having multiple multi-national oil corporations residing in it) as it is one of its major exports, this further underlines the urgency for a peaceful and stable Niger Delta as soon as possible. The delegate of Germany stated in an interview with TASS that, “We strongly support the resurgence of a modified version of the PAP, as we are all very well aware that Nigeria has tried other methods to solve the issue, however most of them have been unsuccessful in doing so”, thus the delegate added that, “the only reason of the abolishment of the PAP remains the concern that civilians of Nigeria had-regarding the transparency of the situation from the government and the fear of funds”. The same was also conveyed by the Article II o

El Comercio: Does voluntourism truly help LDCs?

Nearly thirty years ago, Peru was steeped in debt and suffering from serious political and financial instability. Diseases plagued the nation and destroyed the economy, and the government turned to the tourism industry to bring in more revenue. One of the fields targeted was voluntourism. Voluntourism is a thriving industry that brings in billions of dollars in profit annually. It is defined as a form of tourism in which the tourist primarily participates in voluntary work. They include distributing supplies, participating in hard labour, as well as raising funds or donations. These provide the less fortunate with external support and assistance. As the most significant factor in developing and underdeveloped countries, especially in the time periods after natural disasters, voluntourism has been expanding. In recent years, voluntourism has become very popular amongst those in the West, especially among youths. By logic, voluntourism benefits everyone - people get to feel like they

Al Jazeera: Boko Haram: To Fight or to Not Republicans and Democratic Senators discuss next step regarding Boko Haram Humanitarian Crisis.

UNITED STATES --- One of the deadliest attacks against innocent civilians in Nigeria happened yet again in recent years where 65 people were killed. The organisation behind the attack is believed to be Boko Haram. Although Nigerian military has been sent to assist the management of the violence, Boko Haram still retained control over some territories, launching other deadly suicide attacks and abduct civilians, mostly women and children. To make matters worse, Boko Haram took over lake chad, cutting off water supplies from the settlements around the lake. Rising concerns from other countries have been raised in the opinion to fight Boko Haram to cease the violence once and for all. As such, the Republicans and Democrats met up to discuss actions to be taken—to fight the notorious terrorists, Boko Haram, or not. The Republicans believed strongly in the stance of “America comes first”. They argued that priorities need to be given to Americans instead of Nigerians and that American’s

South African Broadcasting Company: USS falling through the cracks

US attacks Africa, completely uncalled for The moment I stepped into USS, I knew this wasn’t going well. Senators have let their ridiculous president ruin Africa. Calling for homeland security after completely destroying thousands of lives in Africa? Africa? One of US’s best ally? Wow how kind and chivalric! It’s upsetting. Upsetting that the deaths of Africa has accumulated to a shocking sum of 100,000? Upsetting that senators even dare to pass a bill that doesn’t actually solve the problem of Trump’s excessive power just because their sorry selves can’t do anything about the situation they have dugged themselves into. Upsetting that senators can just throw away the bilateral relations between Africa and America. SABC once wrote about the dawning success for the USS, but now it seems like USS is further than ever before from helping anyone, even itself. On behalf of mourning families all over Africa, we hope USA knows that this is entirely their fault. Stay strong, fellow Af

Buzzfeed: President Trump launches strike in retaliation to Boko Haram bombing.

President Donald Trump have retaliated to the bombings in Nigeria, ordering the military to launch 50 Tomahawk missiles towards Lake Chad. Responsibility for the bombing has been claimed by the terrorist group Boko Haram. It has been reported that there have ten fatal casualties, with hundreds more critically wounded. While the attack by Boko Haram has received universal condemnation from countries across the world, there have also been worldwide condemnation on the actions carried out by Pres. Trump. Massive protests have erupted in both Africa and across the United States. After the Tomahawk attacks directed by President Trump, thousands more have been killed. This is in addition to acts Boko Haram have perpetrated in recent times, which include chemically poisoning Lake Chad in Northeast Nigeria, leading to thousands of local individuals falling ill. The lake is a vital water source for 30 million people across four surrounding countries, and after the poisoning, a large

Al Jazeera: UNSC: Meeting Discusses Niger Delta Issue

Countries should seek solutions through peaceful matters and resolving conflict should be of utmost priority. UNITED KINGDOM -- The issue of Niger Delta has been discussed earlier today during the UNSC press conference. Countries have insisted their stance on setting up peacekeeping forces to resolve conflict in ethnic minorities while others stated that they will fight against any rebel groups that is not in the interest of Nigeria. The conflict in the Niger Delta first arose in the early 1990s over tensions between foreign oil corporations and a couple of Niger Delta’s minority ethnic groups who feel that they have been exploited. As the tension increases, competition for oil wealth has developed into violence between ethnic groups. Buhari’s government has stepped up military presence in the region, however was proving ineffective due to the complex geography of the delta. Although it is an easier approach to just relocate oil industries to other areas, one worry is that oil indus

Korean Central News Agency: Commentary: German Incompetence Nearly Destroyed the World

The news of the collision between the Envisat civilian observation satellites and an unidentified satellite shocked the state and others around the world this morning. Inspired by the perseverance of the People’s Republic of China’s delegates and KCNA’s article titled: “DPRK, China, and others denounce United States’ insane idea to revive the Space Race”, the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNCOPUOS) finally formed a united front and submitted a joint resolution. This joint resolution brought together the conflicting camps of the debate. It finally solves the crisis by tackling the issue of space debris, effectively avoiding the Kessler effect, while saving the lives of millions of peasants around the world. However, such effort was nearly thwarted by the brainless German delegation. Just when the council was about to vote on the resolution, these imbeciles called upon the council to consider how the resolution impacts the profits of space-faring

AlterNet: Refugees are humans of unfortunate circumstance, but still humans

In UNFPA, the countries surrounding Ethopia are not doing well enough to sustain themselves, much less to help the Ethopian refugees. The refugees need food, water, jobs and shelter, but so do the locals. The government has duty towards its citizens, more so than refugees. It sucks a lot to be a refugee. After their arduous journey escaping the cruelty of your homeland, you arrive as an outsider to a country. Your human rights matter less than the real citizens of the country. You were forced to behind your homeland, the place you belong to, your friends and relatives who could not make it past the border, and now you have nothing. Maybe you brought some belongings with you but the country you arrived in don’t care. They don’t care. What are you left with? No means of survival. Deprived of the human basic needs, you live day by day. How are you going to get food for today? Where do you find water? How are you going to put up with the weather and sickness of today? No dignity. No one

Islamic Republic News Agency: UNCOPUOS Stands United Once Again, a Major Victory for All Nations

The UNCOPUOS delegates have finally put their differences and disagreements behind and pushed for a united front to resolve the space debris crisis. The UNCOPUOS convened this morning in the hopes of resolving the problem to the space debris which was brought to light after two satellites in earth’s orbit crashed into each other causing deadly space debris. This problem further escalated as additional satellites crashed due to the Kessler effect resulting in telecommunications across the world shutting down. This problem continued to escalate as delegates in the UNCOPUOS continued to have inefficient roundabout discussions causing major detrimental impacts to the productivity of council. Delegates from America, Russia,France and Germany, unwilling to back down, continued to propose impossible solutions to the very real and imminent threat, allowing for further damage to be done and leading council to delay the creation of a resolution. By this time, the delegates of the UNC

Russian News Agency: “Let China speak”, the delegates of UNSC in unison

The resolution proposed by China in the fourth council session fails miserably with almost two-thirds of the majority being against it. WORLD/UNSC/TASS/. The delegate of China comments on the statement of other delegates on the Post-Amnesty Programme (PAP), launched in 2009 in regards to the Niger Delta oil matter, the delegate says that, “As the delegate of South Africa rightly said, the PAP connotes for non-violence and definitely not the contradictory. It is a peaceful solution, and China neither functions on, and nor understands the logic of it being otherwise.” The delegate of China emphasised on China’s commitment in defending the infrastructure of the oil refineries in Nigeria due to the presence various refineries owned by China in Nigeria and also due to the extent of the concentration of China’s finance on Nigeria. Chinese government has been encouraging Chinese companies to invest in Nigeria and providing aid to the Nigerian Infrastructure(including many infrastructur

Catholic News Agency: We the People: The Fight of the US Senate

When faced with a crisis, the US Senate has to decide: America First or to help our allies? The ongoing healthcare debate in the United States Senate was interrupted when reports came of Boko Haram members being spotted in Kala, Nigeria. This coming after the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, proclaimed that ‘the war against Boko Haram was in its final stages’ a few years back, these sightings reignited old fears of both members of the US Senate and the African Union, as well as rumours of the resurgence of what was reportedly ‘the world’s deadliest terrorist group’. The Boko Haram Insurgency, which began in 2009, when the Jihadist group Boko Haram attempted an uprising against the Nigerian Government, with their goal being to establish an Islamic State in Nigeria. Their crimes include countless acts of violence against the Christian community in Nigeria, with the death toll totalling slightly over 50,000 innocent victims. These old fears came true when a state of em

Environment News Service: Sustainable Infrastructure

A council directive written by the delegates of JCC Hardap to resolve the detrimental human-wildlife conflict issue in Hardap The council has recently brought up a council directive that would potentially reduce the ongoing human-wildlife conflict in Hardap. The implementation of new infrastructure would help to transport animals away from the residency areas. In the long-term, this would be extremely effective in preventing animals and humans coming into contact with one another and therefore reducing the human-wildlife conflict in Hardap. The Council directive was brought up and elaborated by the main submitter Petrus Simon Kooper as well as the respective Co-Submitters; Hercules Jantze and Okawi Stelle-Botes. The directive was discussed on and various delegates requested for friendly amendments to be made; including changing the materials of the potential fences to be constructed from steel to wooden, which would prove to be more ethical and safe for the animals. With the construc

South African Broadcasting Agency: USS’s failures to recognize Boko Haram

Kamala Harris pleads for aid to Nigeria, US’s long time partners Delegates in the USS are currently engaging in crisis, yet it seems like the senate is fractured and extremely unproductive. Many delegates are failing to realise that Boko Haram is a recognised threat by the USA, declaring them as terrorists. Kamala Harris has pleaded with council to reconcile with the fact that this is no small threat and that Nigeria has always been a key partner to the US. A strong proponent of eliminating Islamophobia, he says that Muslims are not the same as terrorists and extremists. Instead of spreading hatred towards Muslims, he confirms that there is a need to propogate the fact that extremist ideology in not limited or due to race, in hopes of preventing the issue from escalating to a point where it becomes domestic terrorism. Social Justice Warriors are what some delegates have been calling themselves and SABC hopes that USA will aid Africa. Speaking of aid, Kamala has also already promised

Kaiser Health News: The overwhelming issues of Hardap

Botswana VS Hardap? Migration of animals and people? Flooding after a drought? Hardap’s council today was filled with electricity, as new updates kept pouring in and our delegates worked hard to tackle all of the issues at hand. Councils first unmod was spent fighting over which issue they should resolve first. The question of irrigation was repeatedly brought up. The areas of Aranos and Botswana were waterlogged due to flooding and over-irrigation. When questioned about what should be done about the waterlogged areas of Aranos, the idea of building a drainage system was brought up. But this was quickly shot down when an update came in that the rich farmers actually do want their lands to be waterlogged, as it helps them with their agriculture and farming of crops. Since Aranos lands are very fertile one delegate suggested just using the waterlogged lands to increase agriculture and by extension increasing economic development. Heres the issue; This only helps the rich farmers an

AlterNet: Venezuela, Ethopia and conflict zones in need of UNFPA’s attention

Two crises broke out while the delegates were too fixated on the medical facilities outside conflict zones. The delegates aim to help women and children in conflict zone. “We need funds” “We need people” There are various needs for various countries facing this issue. Can UNFPA meet all these needs? Does money really make the world go round? Let’s see how it can aid this issue. According to a statement Yemen released to AlterNet, “Yemen would like to appeal to other countries to provide unearmarked funding to UNFPA to give us the flexibility to direct funds to countries in need like Yemen, Somalia, Chile, Syria, Ethopia et cetera.” Yemen pushes for solutions that fund the increase in sanitation and medical resources in the above 4 countries. The delegate sees the importance of essential nutrition to infants, in such a crucial developmental stage of their lives, as well as quality sleep environment. These can only be achieved with more funding. South Sudan stands strongly for the pro